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These courses have been specifically designed for children’s educators, toy libraries, teachers specialized in special educational needs, psychologists, speech therapists, as well as any professional interested in educational innovation.

Among the knowledge necessary to specialize in the Montessori preschool stage, aid to sensory and cognitive development and movement development stand out. Choose the online courses that best suit your profile!

Discover Montessori: courses for the 0 to 3 years old stage


Introduction to Montessori Education | Ages 0 to 12

It is the most general introductory course to Montessori education that we offer from IMI, with a tour of its different curricular areas, for children from birth to adolescence .


The Montessori & Pikler Methods | Ages 0 to 3

This is a course on the proposals of María Montessori and Emmi Pikler for the first years of children. We will know the pillars of his theory of development.

bebé educado método montessori preescolar

Montessori Preschool Education | Ages 0 to 3

New Online Course: Montessori Preschool Education, for children between 0 and 3 years. An introductory 10-day course with IMI certificate.


Development of Movement | Ages 0 to 3

Through the development movement, the child achieves physical autonomy, one of the aspects that Montessori pedagogy promotes in the first stages.


Sensory and Cognitive Development | Ages 0 to 3

Sensory education is a fundamental element. In the first three years of children, experiences should be offered that respond to their curiosity and tendency to explore.


Montessori Arts | Ages 0 to 3

Montessori Arts Course for the Preschool stage. Learn to develop the expression of Music and Visual Arts in the little ones. 10-day online course.